At Ravenstone, our main aim as teachers of PSHCE is to help support and encourage children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. 

We attach great importance to the happiness and confidence of our children.  From the beginning of their time at school until they leave us, each boy and girl is respected as an individual whilst also being very much part of the school community.  The children are encouraged to take part in team activities and to learn about the value of cooperation.  They are expected to be kind and considerate to one another and to take care of their own and the school’s property.

Children’s understanding of their own emotions, the feelings of others and how to communicate effectively with others is vitally important.  Furthermore, the understanding of different cultures, rules, society, government, personal safety and right from wrong are key objectives for the teaching of PSHCE at Ravenstone. The teachers take the importance of this education very seriously.